About Us

For the past fifteen years, we have released an increasingly innovative and adaptive product to the commerical property management market. Generally recognized as the market leader, our plans have found homes in major REITs and management companies throughout North America. We have pioneered the evolution from paper to electronic to online to interactive to database to intelligent for a product that demands accuracy and delivers it transparently.

Our Mission

Simply put, our aim is continue to provide visionary products based upon current and emerging web technologies. Our in-house creative team continually strive to be first-to-market in all key areas of development.

Our Plan

We firmly believe in maintaining in-house, employee only, developers, surveyors, CAD, and support as the best mechanism for a sustainable business. We refuse to outsource.

Our Vision

As the world evolves through financial and health challenges, we see the adoption of online management tools operating within an open and standardized platform as the best mechanism for an industry-wide solution to property management.


Operations plans from Caoilte are feature-rich and known for their innovation. Our annual feature-release typically brings first-to-market features that interestingly enough arrive in competitor product a year or two later. Go figure!

Fully Interactive

Easily navigate within multiple plan views, review property in VisualEyes, and click on any icon to see a photograph of that item.

CAD Drawn

From the moment we step on a property and start measuring, to where we ultimately deliver CAD-drawn PDF product, the emphasis on accuracy is a trademark of our operations plans.

Database Driven

Capturing and imaging of all datapoints occur within an MS Access database, which can be downladed and used for a variety of purposes within an MS Office environment.

Standardized PDF

Interactive PDF is an industry standard way of sharing, viewing, and downloading information. Works with any browser on any device. No proprietary software or plug-ins necessary.

Standardized Icons

Uniformly sized icons that use industry standard symbology, color coded for mounting ... provide a user-friendly environment for both novice and experienced user of these plans.

Intelligent Icons

By designing intelligence into each icon on each plan, we have built in identifiers that will allow standardized browers in the future to interrogate plans and identify items based on these identifiers.

Read enough already?

Interestingly enough, our pricing is also the lowest in the industry, apparently. So if you are ready to take a closer look at pricing on properties in your portfolio, please just reach out and let us know. We would be thrilled to provide you with pricing or even just to answer any direct questions that were not properly addressed in this site.

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What makes an icon intelligent? well, simply put, the ability to reach beyond its immediate use on a plan is important and the ability to evolve in use within an evolving browser-based internet is mission critical.

Here is the latest view from a recent client-conference that should help you see what your peers view as important intelligence factors for icons within operations plans.

Click to image 91%
Pre-coded for brower use 72%
Database captured59%
Standardized symbols 47%
PDF portable intelligence 75%
Geotagged icons 61%

To Date

Completed projects by june 2020








Special Projects

Operations Plans

  • Full
  • Lite
  • Optional


Base CAD drawing to scale


Catch basins, storm drains, downspouts, etc


Meters, panels, transformers, etc


Risers, hydrants, FDC, etc.


Shutoffs, meters, ventilations, etc

Key Measurements

Building measurements, tenant frontage, etc


Greenscape, trees, irrigation, etc

Lighting Building

Wall packs, floodlights, under-canopies, etc

Lighting Parking

Parking lot lights, lamposts, etc


Fire lanes, handicap markings, directional arrows, etc.


Space counts, handicap spaces


Access ramps, loading docks, stairs, etc


Directional, informational, traffic, etc.


Grease traps, sewer cleanouts, dumpsters, etc


Meters, backflows, shutoffs, etc


Tenant, Building, parking aisles, perimeter


Roof Top Units, cooling systems, etc


Sectional area measurements, images

Common Formats

New Normal

Why settle for a new normal, when you can reach for a "New Exceptional".

Save lives, save time, and save the planet by staying at home ... but use operations plans from Caoilte to bridge that distance and provide exceptional service to your tenants.

Dawn of Intelligence

Introducing the concept of intelligent icons

Obviously Intelligent

Defining a new level of forward-looking plans

Whatever it takes

Let's break a few eggs together

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If we sound like a company that could be of use to you in pulling together a "New Normal" method of managing your properties, then reach out to us.


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